For groups of 9 or more guests 



We kindly ask if you could please make a few decisions on behalf of the whole group in advance so that we can be better prepared to make sure your party has a great time! 



The entire table should have the same menu as the servings are coming as family-style on sharing plates. 

The menu will also be served "bottomless rice" and with our SPICY PAIRING which is a set of small spicy condiments served on the side of each dish so that you can choose whether or not to add spice to your individual liking. We charge 1 set/ 4 persons and the cost is 40/set for Meal and 65/set  for Feast.

Desserts are not included in either of the menus but instead, those who would like one will have the option to order one. 

Please let us know about if anybody in your party has any allergies or dietary restrictions, including vegetarians and pescetarians, so that we can be well prepared to cater for everyone.




You have a few options to choose from with some flexibility regarding the drinks. You can either go for one of the DRINKS SETS that we recommend for the whole table or we can design a custom drinks experience which suits your budget.

For those who are not drinking alcohol, we do offer DRINKS SETS which

are non-alcoholic.

Filtered still and sparkling water will be served for 25/person ad libitum.




All reservations are required to be confirmed with credit card information in a secure link we will send to you. Nothing is charged in advance, but in the case of breach of our booking policy, we reserve the right to charge a fee. 

Our dining space is relatively limited for larger groups, so depending on the size of your group and how far in advance you've booked, you may be split into a couple of different tables - however we will do our best to limit the number of split tables as well as try to keep the tables as close together as possible so that everyone can be together in the same space.

Your table will be booked for 2.5 hours.

Desired Time of Booking - you can select more than one
Choose the Menu
Drinks Options
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Open Dec

27, 28, 29 & 30

Closed January


Feb 5 & onward as usual